The Last Chapter

This Chapter is dedicated to all the essential products
for the harshest weather conditions.

We further improved our Deep Winter Collection,
with the use of the best 3-layer fabrics ideal to better face winter and wind,
rain and frost conditions.

Details first.

Really Insulated

Almost entirely made of a 3-layered thermoregulatory windproof and waterproof membrane fabric. Stay at the right temperature, always.

Ride Safe

With plenty of clearly-visible reflective pipings and logos.

Thermal Fabric

Completely thermo fleece backed, made of a premium Italian Super Roubaix Endurance.


Characterized by our classic comfy fit and refined ergonomical multiple panel construction.

Our final pieces of the Winter Saga, for the coldest day.

Pair with our Winter Accessories for a warmer ride outside.

PSN Winter Jacket

PSN Deep Winter Tights

Palmares Deep Winter Tights
(sold out)

Choose your top best protection

Every cyclist should have a high-performing jacket for the deepest winter days,
that beautiful masterpiece you normally pay a fortune for.

Choose your bottom best protection

The warmest tights we could develop,
for those days when it’s just you and yourself,
riding out there struggling with elements.

Winter Accessories

Our range of accessories for riding out there during wintertime, full optional.