A few tips on what and how to wear for riding in March.

We all know that awkward sensation of not being able to choose what to wear for going out riding.
Instead of sitting on the bed gazing the empty space or texting your mates to check their outfits,
consult our guide on how to dress up for March.

March Tip: combine thermal bottoms with a lighter top.


You will never know what a huge difference it makes to have a strip of leg naked until you try.
It's like breathing again after a long apnoea.
They're inner fleeced, so it's basically like wearing a pair of tights but with a vent.

Easy Tricks
Wear them from the very first signs of weather change, you won't regret it, most of all if you ride early in the morning or on cloudy days.
Best for early / late March, depending on your hemisphere.

5° to 14°C / 41° to 57°F


Thermal Bibs are the key item for riding through mid season.
Plus, they're easily matchable with the Leg Warmers, so you basically cover all temperature ranges with minimal bulkiness and without the risk of overheating.

Easy Tricks
Wear the Thermal Bibs with the Merino Socks for extra warmth.
Make a deal: get the Thermal Pack and save up money.

15° to 22°C / 59° to 72°F


The comforting inner fleeced Jerseys.
It's a four season passepartout.

Easy Tricks
Match it with a lighter bottom or wear it for those rides where you're sure it's going to be freezing even if the season is getting warmer, s.a. long hard climbs.
Underneath you might wear just a short sleeve Merino Base Layer, instead of the long sleeved one you've used until today.

5° to 14°C / 41° to 57°F


It's the additional layer you can wear for the beginning of the ride, when you still need to warm up and you can later store in your pocket.

Easy Tricks
For an appropriate comfort and brathability, use it directly on your Base Layer.
Unmissable for mid season coffee breaks.

15° to 22°C / 59° to 72°F


Merino is the key yarn when it comes to season changes. It's thermoregulatory:
it keeps you warm in cold days and cool when it gets warmer.

Easy Tricks
It's time for short sleeve Base Layers, they're easily wearable even under a Jersey.
Set aside the long sleeved ones for next winter.



Hands and feet are particularly vulnerable when riding on mid season days.
Make sure you own the essential accessories.

Easy Tricks
If a sudden freezing day happens match the Overshoes over the Shoe Covers and the Winter Gloves with the Mid Season ones for extra warmth.
Assuming you already own all the Warmers, they might save your life.
It's all about layering!

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