Stop calling it winter

We've improved the details that matter and keeped what you love.
The unmissable wintertime piece is here.
There's no need to be afraid of cold showers.

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With winter in mind, we designed our new Jacket to be your new best buddy.
Always reliable when needed.

For those days when it's

Very Cold


Play of contrasts

Play of contrasts

The jacket has a double cuff for perfect insulation: an outer laser cut stretch one combined to an inner thermo fleece snug cuff.
The waterproof pocket

The waterproof pocket

Equipped with two roomy rear pockets, to let you easily store the Winter Gloves, plus an extra waterproof rear zipped pocket.
Really insulated

Really insulated

Almost entirely made of a 3-layered thermoregulatory wind and waterproof membrane fabric. Stay at the right temperature, always.
Ride safe

Ride safe

With plenty of clearly-visible reflective pipings and logos.

More in details

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Being made of a 3-layered thermoregulatory membrane, this Jacket is completely water-resistant and windproof. Thermoregulatory means that, even if it's an extremely warm jacket, entirely fleece backed, it keeps the right temperature, venting heat and sweat.

PSN Winter Jacket Cabernet

The only parts in thermofleece are the under arms panels: this in order to provide a closer fitting and more breathability where less exposed to cold air while riding.

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The collar

Focus on the collar: its ergonomic cut, with a higher back, provides comfort and doesn't let air in; plus is fleece backed for extra warmth.

PSN Winter Jacket

Our most refined Winter Jacket

Enjoy the season,
no matter what.